Join the street team for ‘The Woman from Prague’

WFPDo you want to read The Woman from Prague before anyone else? Then join the Ash McKenna street team!

Here’s how it works: Sign up at this link, tell me your preferred eBook format, and I’ll send you an advance reader copy.

(Sorry, print galleys are limited at this time—I can only accommodate people who’ve sold their soul to the electronic devil that is the eReader.)

Nothing in life is free, of course. This is mostly free but I’m going to ask a few things in return.

  • Add it on Goodreads and post an honest review when you’re done (if you have a Goodreads account).
  • Post an honest review of the book on Amazon the day of release (July 11).

That’s it! You might get some swag in the mail at some point too. We’ll see about that.

So, you down? Want to join? Get moving. Spots are limited. Click here.

Naked Girls Reading on April 14

On April 14, Naked Girls Reading will host a Night of Noir at Vol 39 in Chicago.

For those of you unfamiliar with NGR, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Naked woman reading from books. ‘Cause as they say, you can’t spell literature without T and A.

(Literally, that’s what they say—it’s their slogan.)

One of their readers will be presenting excerpts from New Yorked. And while I don’t need to be there for it, it seems dumb to stay home. I’ll be there, selling books and signing them.

So, if you’re in or around Chicago, and you’re comfortable with adult-themed activities, come to this thing! More info and ticket information at this link.

I’ll also be around most of the day and some of the next morning (hangover pending) so if you just want to say hello, that could work, too.

2016 in Review: The Non-Fiction


Here’s a bunch of the non-fiction stuff I did in 2016!

A Story and a Scar – Pediatric Congenital Heart Association

On Overcoming a Deadly Case of Writer’s Block – LitHub

10 Authors with Tattoos Inspired by Their Own Books – Electric Literature

Eight Writing Lessons from Hamilton: The Revolution – LitHub

Yes, Road House is a Western – Birth.Movies.Death

Eight Tips For Increasing Your Writing Output, From A Very Busy Writer – LitReactor

On The Rituals Of Writers: New Books, Burnt Offerings, and Fried Zucchini – LitReactor

Finding Story Inspiration in Strip Clubs – LitReactor

Path to Publication: The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Second Novel – LitReactor

2016 in Review: The Interviews


I’m a big fan of interviews, and this year I interviewed a lot of people at LitReactor. I’m not going to lie to you—a lot of these people are folks who had books coming out, and I wanted to read them early, and this gave me an excuse to request advance reading copies.

But hey, whatever works!

As we close out 2016, and my last interview for the year has officially up at LitReactor, I wanted to share them again. There’s a lot of really cool folks here, offering up good, fun, thoughtful information.

A Conversation With Alex Segura About PR, Archie Comics, And His New Novel ‘Down the Darkest Street’

A Conversation with Nick Mamatas About Lovecraft’s Legacy, Writing Conventions, and His New Novel ‘I Am Providence’

A Conversation With Todd Robinson About France, Gay Characters in Crime Fiction, and His New Novel ‘Rough Trade’

A Conversation With Chloe Caldwell About Truth, Sugar Packets, and Her New Collection ‘I’ll Tell You In Person’

A Conversation With Chris Holm About Editing, Redemption, and His New Novel ‘Red Right Hand’

A Conversation With Ben H. Winters About Racism, Outlining, and His New Novel ‘Underground Airlines’

A Conversation With Dana Kaye About PR, Harsh Realities of Promo, And ‘Your Book, Your Brand’

A Conversation With Bracken MacLeod About Work-For-Hire, Horror Versus Crime, and His New Novel ‘Stranded’

A Conversation With D. Foy about ‘Gutter Opera’, The Rigors And Worth Of Touring, And His New Novel ‘Patricide’

A Conversation With Tobias Carroll On Short Stories Versus Novels, Teaching, And His Two New Books, ‘Reel’ And ‘Transitory’

A Conversation with Tiffany Scandal About Portland, Second-Person Narratives, And Her New Novella ‘Shit Luck’

A Conversation with Kelly Abbott, Founder of the New Short Story App ‘Great Jones Street’

“The Gift of the Wiseguy”

wiseguy.jpgEvery year The Mysterious Bookshop commissions a Christmas story. They print up booklets and hand them out for free to customers. Past contributors include Ed McBain, Donald Westlake, Mary Higgins Clark, Megan Abbott, and Lawrence Block.

This year I wrote it.

It was an incredible honor that Otto asked me to do it, and I’m really happy with the result. “The Gift of the Wiseguy” is a little out of my comfort zone—nary a profanity in sight—and also fits into the “food noir” collection that I’m currently working on.

Here’s the deal: Starting this Friday (Nov. 25), stop into The Mysterious Bookshop and buy something, or order something through the website. You get the story for free.

So take at least one book you had planned to order for somebody this holiday season, and instead of getting it through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, get it through Mysterious. Or get all your books through Mysterious—that’d be cool, too.

If you stop in, ask for me. I work in the basement (haha right nepotism much?). If I’m here, I’ll come up and sign it. If you order it through the website, put a note with your order, and again, I will sign it.

And, hey, it’s worth mentioning: Mysterious has copies of New Yorked, City of Rose, and South Village, which I would also be happy to sign.

Happy holidays!

SOUTH VILLAGE is out today

Today’s the day. South Village is available. It’s my third novel. One I thought wouldn’t come together, but ended up being pretty deeply personal. I am very proud of it and hope you will check it out.

Click the cover below to find buy links, as well as information on my tour stops—I’ll be on Staten Island tonight, in Manhattan tomorrow, Queens on Sunday, then Boston, Austin, Houston and Scottsdale.

Cheers and thank you. Seriously. Without readers I wouldn’t be able to keep doing this.

New Yorked

Events this week!

New YorkedSouth Village comes out THIS TUESDAY!

I have three events this week!

Coincidence? I think not.

Oct. 11. Staten Island Barnes & Noble. 6:30 p.m. Details and RSVP here.

Oct. 12. Joint release party with Bracken MacLeod (Stranded). The Mysterious Bookshop, 58 Warren St., 6:30 p.m. Details and RSVP here.

Oct. 16. Noir at the Bar. The Beast Next Door, 42-51 27th St, Long Island City, NY 11101. 6 p.m.

There’s more coming up—Boston, Austin, Houston, and Scottsdale. Find information on those here.