A few updates…

Happy belated New Year! Here are a few quick updates on things since I haven’t updated this in a while:

The fifth and final (?) issue of Blood Oath is out. I had a blast writing my first comic with Alex Segura and hope there are more opportunities to do this in the future.

My understanding is there will be a print edition collecting all five issues, at some point.

Me and Alex also signed with Blackstone for a book called Dark Space, which is basically if John le Carré were writing Star Trek. It’ll be fun! It probably won’t come out until next year!

I’ve got two new collaborations with the Writing Workshops. The first is an online seminar: The Source Code of Storytelling and Publishing. Feb. 19. Registration is open.

Also, I’m working with them to facilitate a mentorship program. Three months, one-on-one, I’ll help you get your novel started. Details here, and I’m accepting students on a rolling basis.

And, if you’ve got a book and it needs a polish, or you need a consult or help with a submission package, I’m open to freelance clients.

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