Editing services

I am currently open to manuscript edits and consulting calls, as well as ghostwriting projects.

Why work with me? Here are some reasons!

  • I’ve written seven books, including Scott Free with James Patterson, and The Warehouse, which sold in more than 20 countries and was optioned for film by Ron Howard.
  • I participated twice in Pitch Wars—and both times my mentees landed with solid agents.
  • I worked as an editor and publisher, running MysteriousPress.com for several years, during which I edited and acquired novels, and saw a lot of the behind-the-scenes machinery.
  • I’ve published more than 20 short stories, including a Star Wars story. I received a Derringer Award nomination for best flash fiction story, and my short story “Take-Out” appeared in Best American Mystery Stories 2018. I also received honorable mention in both Best American Mystery Stories 2015 and 2017.
  • My essays and articles have been published at places like Salon, The Daily Beast, Criminal Element, The Literary Hub, Birth.Movies.Death, and Electric Literature.
  • I’ve run the online writing workshop program at LitReactor for going on 10 years now.

So, I’ve seen a bit and done a bit, but more importantly than that, I really like talking craft and working with writers. If you’re got a manuscript that needs a boost, or someone to help you make the story crackle, I’m your guy. If you’ve got an idea and don’t know where to start and just need to spitball, we could do that too.

You can contact me here.

I’m also generally available for teaching and speaking gigs, both online, and in-person in the New York City area.

“Rob did a great job of telling us how to set priorities in the right order. If you’ve got a big, sprawling idea but can’t quite “see” all of it, I would take this class. Also, the feedback from classmates was great. It actually helped that many did not write in my genre. They provided a fresh set of eyes.” —Hugh L., on Rob’s LitReactor class The Big Idea

“Rob’s class is engaging, interesting, and helps wrangle the process of starting a project into a manageable framework. He’s a friendly and encouraging teacher who helps you develop your idea into an exciting new story.” —Kyle M., on Rob’s LitReactor class The Big Idea

“In a matter of weeks, Rob helped me to look at my idea from angles I’d never considered, then to reshape it into a solid, marketable concept I couldn’t wait to start drafting.” — Dan F., on Rob’s LitReactor class The Big Idea

“Rob’s insight and guidance made my manuscript better and helped me become a better writer. His keen editorial eye saw what I set out to do with my work, and he provided me with a detailed plan toward executing that vision and fulfilling its potential. From developmental edits to fine-tuning the manuscript to be market-ready, Rob truly took my writing to the next level, and he did so with professionalism and genuine investment in the book’s success.” —Victor Manibo, Pitch Wars mentee

“Rob saw straight to the heart of my manuscript. He immediately understood what made the plot and characters tick, and then helped me build a stronger story around those. I’m consistently impressed by Rob’s sharp editorial instincts, his insight into the market, and his genuine commitment to helping writers reach their goals.” —Jennifer Mandula, Pitch Wars mentee