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In Take-Out, Rob Hart has collected 16 stories of culinary crime and noir that will have you savoring every deadly bite.

In the title story, a gambler falls into debt with the enigmatic owner of a Chinatown gambling parlor, and must run odd—and sometimes dangerous—deliveries to clear his ledger.

In “How to Make the Perfect New York Bagel,” the owner of one of New York City’s last old-school bagel shops has to defend his storefront—in the past, from the mob, and in the present, from a bank.

In “Creampuff,” a bakery with the hottest pastry in town has to hire a bouncer to control the unruly line, with tragic results.

In these stories and more, some never before published, Hart explores the enticing and dangerous intersection where food and hospitality cross paths with crime and noir.

Some stories are funny. Some of are dark. But each one will leaving you wanting another bite.

“Hart’s first story collection offers 16 winning food-themed tales… the varied settings and story lines effectively showcase [his] versatility.” —Publishers Weekly 

“A delicious collection of entertaining stories that will keep any reader asking for seconds.” —Criminal Element

“[A] superb series of tight, visceral experiences for those with strong stomachs who love to read dangerously.” —Bookreporter

“Hart’s magical way with language is still in evidence here… ‘The Gift of the Wiseguy’ leaves a delightfully bitter aftertaste, and ‘Foodies’ will deliver a special jolt to anyone who’s read Stanley Ellin’s The Specialty of the House… Keep paying attention to Hart.” ―Booklist