Pre-order PARADOX and get a Paradox Hotel key card

How cool are these?

I was in a marketing meeting with my team at Ballantine and threw this out as an off-hand suggestion, thinking, “There is no way they are going to make up goddamn hotel room keycards.”

And then a few weeks later they sent me the design for these bad boys. Next time I’m going to tell them we need branded jet skis or something.

Anyway. Want one? All you have to do is pre-order The Paradox Hotel (available ONE MONTH from today; you can do that here) and submit some sort of proof of purchase at this link.

Why pre-order? Why not just wait until the day it comes out to get it? Well, if you pre-order it, you won’t have to go out in the cold to get it (a big deal if you live in the Northeast where it is currently brick cold).

But also: pre-orders make editors and publishers happy, which in turn means that authors get to write more books, and I would very much like to write more books, so, consider it a nice karma boost!

That goes for all authors, by the way. If there’s an author you want to support, the best way you can do that is through pre-orders, or leaving reviews on Goodreads or retail sites, or throwing copies of the book at your family and friends.

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