PARADOX HOTEL pseudo-tour

We’re getting closer to release day, so here’s some info on the tour for The Paradox Hotel!

Thanks to COVID, we’re keeping things tight this year. I’m doing one in-person event, at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble.

I’m also doing two virtual events—one with the fine folks at The Poisoned Pen bookstore, and one with my good pal Delilah Dawson at Murder by the Book.

I’m particularly excited to jam with Delilah because she’s promoting her new book, The Violence, and it is incredible. She asked me to blurb it and it was one of the few times in my life where I didn’t know if I could write a blurb good enough to do the book justice.

And… that’s pretty much it. My publisher has everything rounded up here.

The week of release (probably the day of, on the 22nd), I’ll be traveling around New York City signing stock at as many bookstores as I can, and will report on social media where you can find signed copies.

Plus, I’ll have bookplates available (which is a sticker I sign and then you stick inside the book). If you want one of those, hit my contact form and let me know. I’m sending them out free-of-charge to anyone who asks.

Then, come March, I’ve got another virtual event with Alex Segura at Mysterious Galaxy. Alex is a good friend, a frequent collaborator, and his new book Secret Identity is a complete and utter knockout.

That’s what I got. Not the most exciting news ever, sadly, ’cause I really do love touring (which I say now, not having gotten on a plane in nearly two years, and I’m sure if I were on tour, by the end I’d be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which is usually the case).

But I do miss seeing folks and hanging out in bookstores and drinking too much coffee in the morning and too much whiskey at night.

I might be adding more events as we go. And for the record—I’m pretty happy to appear at any bookstore or library within driving distance of New York City if there are safety protocols in place, and will gladly appear virtually for bookstores, libraries, book clubs, etc.

So if you want to hang in a Zoom-like setting, also hit up that contact form!

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