Classes, reviews, other stuff

Time for some updates!!

  • Starting November 23rd, I’m teaching The Source Code of Storytelling at LitReactor again! There are only a few seats left so if you want to get in there you better get moving. It’s a four-week online class in which I teach you to build good writing practices and recognize how stories are put together. Sign up here.
  • We’re gearing up the marketing machine for The Paradox Hotel and last night I was thrilled to get a starred review in Publishers Weekly. This book is different enough from The Warehouse that I was legit nervous about how it would shake out, and if people would respond to it the same way. I’m pretty happy to see people are responding to it.
  • I’m also happy to say I’ll be working with Ren Weston this year in Pitch Wars—she applied to me last year and she was my runner-up pick. The book was almost there, but not close enough for the timeframe we had to work on it, and another book just grabbed me more. But I gave her some feedback, she took the last year to put in the work, and here we are.
  • I updated my website! You might not be able to tell the difference because I don’t put up a lot of content here. That might change. Who knows. We’ll see.

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