Support a good cause; win a WAREHOUSE/PARADOX prize pack

Authors for Voices of Color is an online silent auction to raise money for racial-justice non-profits in the publishing, education, and literacy arenas. Authors, editors, and other publishing professionals are donating items and services to raise funds for organizations that amplify voices of color.

And this month they’re holding an online silent auction with some very, very cool prizes.

Up to and including some stuff from me!

Here’s the deal: Go to my page and bid (see instructions at the bottom) and you could win a signed paperback copy of The Warehouse, in which I will reveal for you a secret about each of the main characters (probably stuck into the book on Post-It notes). It’ll be stuff most people don’t know about them, that I hope further enriches the story.

Oh and also you can’t tell anyone this stuff. So it’ll be nice and exclusive to you.

If that’s not enough, I’ll also include a galley of The Paradox Hotel, which doesn’t come out until February.

Prizes aside, this is a hell of a cause, and I’m thankful to take part. So get in there and give until it hurts.

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