Barnes & Noble signing June 17

On June 17, I’ll be signing New Yorked at the Barnes & Noble on Staten Island.

The festivities (me sitting at a table and desperately hoping people show up to buy my book) start at 7 p.m.

If you live on Staten Island, or can’t make it out to the release party in Manhattan, this is a good backup plan.

Details at the Barnes & Noble event page. There’s also a Facebook event page where you can RSVP here.

Noir at the Bar: Queens edition [UPDATED]


UPDATE: I had to step aside from this due to a personal matter. You should still go. Everyone on this list is awesome. 

Do you live in or around Queens? Want to see me and a bunch of other very talented folks reading crime fiction at your face? Come to this thing.

Thursday, March 26, at ODradeks Coffee House and Wine Bar in Kew Gardens. Starts at 7 p.m. Here’s a map. It’ll be fun.

Party with me at The Mysterious Bookshop

bookstore 8

I know it’s a little early, but I’m excited, and it’s official, and now you can’t claim that you made other plans that night: The release party for New Yorked will be held at The Mysterious Bookshop on the day of the book’s release, June 9.

This is a place that’s near and dear to my heart. Not just because I’ve been a customer for years, and not just because it’s where my office is (down in the basement)—but because it’s the last crime and mystery specialty store in Manhattan. It’s an institution. And it’s an honor to have my first major book event there.

So come on down. You can respond to the Facebook event here, or just write it down on your calendar like a Luddite. June 9, 6:30 p.m., 58 Warren Street, Manhattan.

There will be booze. Maybe snacks, too. But definitely booze.

If you’re not able to attend but you want a signed copy of the book, order it from Mysterious—I’ll sign any copy sold by and delivered from the store.

Noir at the Bar!

10250185_561791343935031_1708656971761208744_n-1Are you ready for another installment of Noir at the Bar NYC?

I hope so. Because I’m not. I’m still not sure what I’m going to read. But I will be there, with a story of some kind, and if you’re around, you should swing by.

Sunday, April 27
6-9 p.m.
Shade in the West Village

There will be noir. And booze. And crepes. There are some great readers on the slate: Tim Hall, Jack Getze, Jordan Harper, Scott Adlerberg, Gary Cahill, Jason Pinter, and Anthony Rainone.

It’ll be fun!

Noir at the Bar, Baltimore edition


There’s going to be a Noir at the Bar reading in Baltimore next month—and somehow I made it onto this killer lineup!

It’s a bit of a drive, sure, but I’ve driven way more for way less. I once drove three hours for a sandwich. So for something like this, with a bunch of cool people and booze and noir, yeah, I can justify that. Easy.

If you live in or around Baltimore, come to this thing. We’ll read awesome stuff at your face.

9/9: KWIK KRIMES signing

This Monday, September 9, I’ll be signing Kwik Krimes at The Mysterious Bookshop, along with a number of the anthology’s contributors.

This is the first time that I’ll be signing books for actual people, so I’m super excited but also a little nervous and wondering if I should change my signature for signing books so no one can forge checks in my name. Is this the kind I’m supposed to think about? I don’t even know.

Also appearing at the event are:

Otto Penzler, Erik Arneson, Albert Ashforth, N.J. Ayers, Peter Blauner, William Chambers, Reed Farrel Coleman, Bruce DeSilva, Gerald Elias, James Grady, Lyndsay Faye, Jim Fusilli, Chris Grabenstein, and Parnell Hall.

So it’s a stacked lineup. And it’s going to be fun. And there will be booze, in case you needed that added incentive.

Festivities kick off at 6 p.m. The bookshop is located at 58 Warren Street in Manhattan. Be there!