9/9: KWIK KRIMES signing

This Monday, September 9, I’ll be signing Kwik Krimes at The Mysterious Bookshop, along with a number of the anthology’s contributors.

This is the first time that I’ll be signing books for actual people, so I’m super excited but also a little nervous and wondering if I should change my signature for signing books so no one can forge checks in my name. Is this the kind I’m supposed to think about? I don’t even know.

Also appearing at the event are:

Otto Penzler, Erik Arneson, Albert Ashforth, N.J. Ayers, Peter Blauner, William Chambers, Reed Farrel Coleman, Bruce DeSilva, Gerald Elias, James Grady, Lyndsay Faye, Jim Fusilli, Chris Grabenstein, and Parnell Hall.

So it’s a stacked lineup. And it’s going to be fun. And there will be booze, in case you needed that added incentive.

Festivities kick off at 6 p.m. The bookshop is located at 58 Warren Street in Manhattan. Be there!

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