Noir at the Bar: Queens edition [UPDATED]


UPDATE: I had to step aside from this due to a personal matter. You should still go. Everyone on this list is awesome. 

Do you live in or around Queens? Want to see me and a bunch of other very talented folks reading crime fiction at your face? Come to this thing.

Thursday, March 26, at ODradeks Coffee House and Wine Bar in Kew Gardens. Starts at 7 p.m. Here’s a map. It’ll be fun.

New Thuglit!

410T2rhBvVLI’ve got a story in the latest issue of Thuglit! “Drone” is about two not-very-bright criminals who get the brilliant idea to run drugs by drone. So of course, they drop a kilo of cocaine somewhere over Manhattan. A kilo belonging to a drug dealer named T. Rex.

Won’t you check it out? Available as an eBook and a paperback.

This issue also contains “Alchemy and Atrophy” by Devon Robbins, a winner of LitReactor’s ARREST US! writing challenge.

AND this issue includes stories from folks like Erik Arneson, Bracken MacLeod, Ed Kurtz, and Eric Beetner. Talented gents, all of them.

So, you know, buy a few copies.

New story in All Due Respect

I’ve got a new short story in the latest issue of All Due Respect!

“No Good Way Around” was inspired by a trip I took to Baltimore with Todd Robinson, editor of Thuglit and author of the excellent The Hard Bounce.

Spoiler alert: Someone ends up with a ball gag in his mouth. I’ll leave it to you to sort the fact from fiction.

I like this story a lot, and I’m thrilled that have landed in All Due Respect. They’re putting out great work—just look at the lineup in this thing: Jake Hinkson, Angel Luis Colón, Jen Conley, Jessica Adams, Patti Abbott, Chris Leek, Mike McCrary, Alec Cizak. Killer.

Get it in paperback or eBook. Buy multiple copies. Give ’em to your friends.

Noir at the Bar, Baltimore edition


There’s going to be a Noir at the Bar reading in Baltimore next month—and somehow I made it onto this killer lineup!

It’s a bit of a drive, sure, but I’ve driven way more for way less. I once drove three hours for a sandwich. So for something like this, with a bunch of cool people and booze and noir, yeah, I can justify that. Easy.

If you live in or around Baltimore, come to this thing. We’ll read awesome stuff at your face.