WAREHOUSE week 1 recap


So… everything seemed to go okay?

I did two release parties for the book—at The Mysterious Bookshop with Miami Midnight author Alex Segura, and then by myself at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble. Both were standing room only, which was really encouraging. Especially for end-of-summer events.

USA Today gave it a lovely review, saying that “its interplay of taut action and incisive cultural commentary gives it shades of Fahrenheit 451 and Jurassic Park.” The Associated Press review… the first paragraph is just so god-damn lovely it took my breath away. My local paper and former employer, the Staten Island Advance, covered my release party. I spoke to Forbes about Maria Fernandes, the woman I dedicated the book to. Me and Alex did a fun Q&A for am New York. The Wall Street Journal highlighted The Warehouse in a roundup of novels going after big tech. SYFY ran a brief interview and excerpt. NPR called it an “outstanding read” (this hit literally as I was writing this post).

I also wrote about why genre labels are weird, and recommended some genre-bending books for CrimeReads. And I wrote about books that dared me to dream bigger for Bookish. And I wrote about how Big Data is bad, for the Penguin Random House UK website. And I was on the Liar’s Club podcast and the Booked podcast (which also gave the book an incredible review)…

Oh, and as you can see above, Ron Howard tweeted about it, which was very nice of him. I was also able to announce the reason I drove from San Diego to Los Angeles while I was at SDCC to visit his office—so I could meet the screenwriter, Scott Conroy, who is a super smart guy with a lot of passion for the book. I feel like the story is in very good hands.

There’s more to come! Like the TV interview I did Friday morning (more on when that airs soon). Don’t worry—if you weren’t sick of hearing about this book, you will be.

I also spent Friday and Saturday visiting local bookstores and signing stock. So you can find signed copies in Manhattan at the Tribeca, Union Square, and 46th Street Barnes & Noble locations, as well as Three Lives & Company, the Strand, and the Hudson News in Penn Station by Amtrak (and also, of course, at The Mysterious Bookshop). In Brooklyn you can find it signed at Greenlight, Books are Magic, and the Court Street Barnes & Noble.

68738046_10219003364817733_6551908997287378944_nOverall… I feel good. At the Mysterious event my editor asked if it was anti-climactic, as release days can sometimes feel like that, and in the past I might have agreed… but this time, it didn’t feel that way. I think it’s because for my previous books, being with a small press meant putting an enormous amount of effort into promo, and not always feeling like that effort paid off. Granted, I got some good coverage and reviews, but this is just a whole new level. I have the Seal Team Six of PR and marketing. I have the experience to navigate this without losing my head. Frankly, the last few weeks have been incredibly nerve-wracking, and yet this week, I felt calm.

There are a few media hits coming up soon I wish had hit now rather than later, but in the end it’s probably for the best, so the release is a little more drawn out. And anyway it’s mostly me being impatient.

The best part is that for weeks now, too, I’ve been struggling with the pitch for the next book—which is funny when people ask me what I’m working on and I’m like, shrug—but I’ve got something down now I feel pretty good about, and tomorrow I’ll blast it off into space and we’ll see how it goes…

Anyway. There were go. My next stop is Politics and Prose in DC on Sept. 4. Then in mid-September it’s off to Europe for a bit. Don’t forget the best way to help any author you like is to leave them a review on sites like Amazon (the more reviews you get, the better it works out for the algorithms and visibility), so if you want to do that, swell, and if you haven’t read The Warehouse, just go leave a review for another author, because it’s a nice thing to do.

More soon.

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