It’s here.

I’ve been telling you about The Warehouse for a year and a half now, and there’s a whole lot of media queued up for this thing, so I’m not going to belabor anything, except to say my heart is full to bursting right now, and I just want to say a few quick housekeeping things:

  • Thank you to my agent Josh Getzler, for believing in this when it was 16,000 words and a rambled pitch for the rest. And my editor, Julian Pavia, for taking a chance on me and making it a better book. And my wife, Amanda, for her tireless support. There are more people to thank and I got some (not all) in the acknowledgements. But those are the three people I owe the biggest debts to.
  • I’m hosting a release party tonight (8/20) with Alex Segura (Miami Midnight) at The Mysterious Bookshop. 58 Warren Street, 6:30 p.m. There will be booze. Come hang out. Get my book. Get Alex’s—it’s excellent. I might have Warehouse swag.
  • I’m also going to be at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble tomorrow night (8/21) at 7 p.m.
  • On Sept. 4 I’m going to be at Politics and Prose in DC, in conversation with Six Days of the Condor author James Grady. More info here.
  • After that it’s off to Europe in mid-September: Milan, Munich, Hamburg, and Amsterdam. Otherwise I will not be doing a ton of US touring just yet, for a few reasons—it’s end of summer, family obligations, etc. But I will be at New York Comic Con, Bouchercon in Dallas, a bunch of library/literary festivals, and possibly a couple more bookstores over the next few months. Keep your eyes on my socials.
  • The best way to support any author is to tell your friends and family about their book, spread the word on social media, and leave reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. If you want to do those things I would not be upset.
  • Also, I get asked this question a lot, as do other authors—and it’s such a nice thing for people to ask: which version (print, audio, eBook) gives me the best return? The answer is… it doesn’t matter! The fact that you’re buying it is awesome. It’s nice to support indie bookstores, but buy it at your preferred storefront in your preferred format. It is a blessing to be read.
  • Speaking of, here are various links from which you can get the book:

Mysterious Bookshop | Amazon | Apple Books | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Google | Kobo | Books-a-Million | IndieBound | BookPeople | Murder by the Book

And finally… thank you for reading.

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