Let the games begin with finished books, lists, and a creepy AF trailer


These arrived in the mail today.

Which is… surreal, to hold the finished product in my hand. It feels good. I almost wish I had more time to enjoy it? Not that I didn’t enjoy it. It just feels like… the book comes out this month, and suddenly everything feels like it is ramping way the fuck up.

Which is a champagne problem, I know.

But being the first of the month, a whole bunch of stuff hit today, and rather than clog up your feeds with me tweeting (more than I already have), I figured I would put it all in one place, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

  • Entertainment Weekly picked The Warehouse as one of 20 books to read in August (alongside my pal Alex Segura, whose excellent Miami Midnight drops Aug. 13—the two of us will be appearing together at The Mysterious Bookshop on Aug. 20, details here).
  • Also got a tip of the roundup cap from CrimeReads, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, io9, and Goodreads.
  • The Real Book Spy included me in the August reading guide AND wrote a lovely featured review of the book.
  • And the Apple Bookstore picked it as one of the best books of August, calling it “one of the most exciting and thought-provoking books we’ve read in ages.” Which is kinda nuts?
  • An interview I did with The Big Thrill just went live. This was a fun one, and I got to talk a little about the process of writing and selling the book.
  • The street team is nearly filled up. Want to join that? Don’t wait. Details here. Essentially you will get some cool swag and maybe books!
  • We are close to nailing down my international stuff. I’ll definitely be in London Aug. 14-16, on behalf of my UK publisher Transworld. It looks like I might be visiting a few more countries in September (I will be in Germany for sure, but should be finalizing more details shortly on where else I’ll be).
  • Last but not least, check out this creepy AF trailer!

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