Want swag? Join the WAREHOUSE street team!



We’re less than a month out from The Warehouse. I am excited! So… now is a good time to start increasing awareness. Now, I know what you’re thinking—it’s all I’ve been talking about for like a year. How more aware can we be?

Well, I’m aware. You’re aware. I want your friends, your family, and even your enemies to be aware. So here’s the deal:

My publisher made up all these cool graphics. Some of them are super creepy! I’d like you to share them. That’s pretty much it. You sign up, and when I give the word, you share a bunch of them on your feeds, and tag me in your posts. Maybe say that I’m handsome and a good writer—you know, embellish.

What do you get in return?

Swag! Specifically: a Cloud lanyard, a Cloud brochure, a bookmark. Oh also some of you might get a copy of the book. You never know! Plus, when the dust settles, I’ll pick a few super-fans to win some other cool stuff…

61676982_10218336575708422_8020207678401806336_nTo review:

  • Use this form to sign up (REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED)
  • Do this by August 5.
  • You will get stuff in the mail!
  • When I give you the signal (via e-mail on August 12), it is time… I will give you access to the graphics.
  • Share your favorite and tag me.
  • Here’s where it gets fun: share more than one of the graphics to put yourself in the running for additional prizes, like my backlist books, a UK edition of The Warehouse… essentially whoever shares these the most often or the most creatively is gonna get more stuff.
  • That’s it!
  • Depending on how well this goes I may have to cap it? We’ll see…
  • Sorry this is limited to the United States only.

If you’re in, hit that form, if you get deluged with spam shortly afterward it is just a coincidence. And thank you in advance for your enthusiasm!


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