San Diego Comic Con schedule, and daring to dream

829px-san_diego_comic-con_international_logo.svg_Guess who is going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year? A lot of famous and important people. And somehow also me!

This will be my first SDCC—ever—and I am terribly excited to be there promoting The Warehouse. We’ll be giving away galleys, along with those super cool custom lanyards my publisher made up.

I get in Thursday, and will mostly be floating around the floor, gawking at things like a goon (except for most of Friday when I am have a secret-mission drive to LA for *reasons*…) but here is where you can officially find me.


  • How Our Present Impacts Today’s Speculative Fiction, 5 to 6 PM, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Grand 12 & 13, with Blake Crouch (Recursion), Kali Wallace (Salvation Day), and Chuck Wendig (Wanderers)


  • Signing at Penguin Random House Booth, 4-4:45 PM, Booth 1515-B


  • Signing at Penguin Random House Booth, 10-10:45 AM, Booth 1515-B
  • I’ll Take Muggles for $500: A Fan Game Show, 2-3 PM, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Grand 10 & 11, other panelists to be announced

I have a deep love for comic books. I remember reading Superman 75—the death issue—as a kid. My dad had gotten it for me for Christmas that year. Which, looking at it now, was 1992!

After that I was a fiend… hoovering up Superman comics—both the Funeral for a Friend storyline, plus back issues, but also, anything else I could get my hands on, which was a lot, because the 90s was smack-dab in the comic boom when there was a store opening on every corner. Literally, one opened around the corner from my house, and I remember a time when Staten Island had dozens of stores (compared the current… three?).

I actually started off wanting to draw them, and even went into college as a graphic design major, but ended up abandoning that for writing by sophomore year (turns out, I was a decent artist but not a good art student, as evidenced by the straight C’s I got my first semester).

Still, I’d love to write them. I’ve come close a few times—pitches that almost made it with a publisher—but it never panned out. And I’ve got something cooking right now that, hopefully, I can announce soon.

But I hope all the electricity behind The Warehouse helps put me on some radars. Because I’ve got a dream Superman pitch. This is the story I’d crawl on my knees through a field of broken glass to write.

Okay maybe not that. But I love the character deeply and believe he’s a vehicle for incredible relevant and human stories, even if some people don’t agree (yeah, yeah, he’s invulnerable… it’s not about how strong he is, it’s what he chooses to do with that strength…)

Anyway. I know I’m not going to walk into SDCC and someone’s going to pull me aside and be like “hit me with your pitch, kid.” And asking to write Superman without having any other comic experience is a little like asking for the keys to the Mustang the second you get your learner’s permit. But, hey, that’s just me putting my hopes and dreams out into the universe, which never hurts.

And, hell, I’ll write anything. I’ll write Matter-Eater Lad. I’ll write The Whizzer. Give me Hindsight Lad. I’ll make it work!

Seriously though. It’s going to be a fun weekend. I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego for comic con, and I’m thrilled that this is the reason I get to go.

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