WAREHOUSE news roundup: lists, events, spy drones

D9yKD4pWwAEp94e.jpgWe are less than *two months* from the release of The Warehouse, which means things are ramping up, which means I am living with low-level yet constant feelings of anxiety!

Warehouse made a few more round-up lists, which is always super exciting. The Bolo Books Summer APB (thanks to Kris at Bolo for the photo accompanying this, which he took at ALA!) and the Today Show’s books recommended for Father’s Day (even though it wasn’t available on Father’s Day), as well as PopSugar, the BBC, the Real Book Spy, and Read It Forward. Plus it made the top ten of Publishers Weekly’s fall announcements in Mystery/Thriller. That’s on top of being named a hot summer read by Publishers Weekly, CrimeReads, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today. So… things are going well.

Second: Touring! Lots of people have been asking me: when will I be hitting the circuit? And the short answer is… I don’t know! Here’s the thing: The book pubs at the end of August, which is not the best time to tour because it’s the tail-end of summer. But things get dicey going into September because I’m definitely going to Germany, and possibly a few other European countries, and I need to balance all this with being a not-terrible husband and father, so… this is currently about as complicated as planning a shuttle launch.

I can tell you that I’m doing a release party at The Mysterious Bookshop on Aug. 20, where I’ll be joined by Alex Segura, who’ll be shilling the last Pete Fernandez book Miami Midnight. On Aug. 21, I’ll be at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble. On Sept. 4, I’ll be at Politics & Prose in DC, in conversation with Six Days of the Condor author James Grady.

I’ll also be Bouchercon in October, and later this month I’m going to my first San Diego Comic Con (more TK on panels and signings), as well as a couple of regional library and book festivals. And I’m confirmed for the Harbour Front Literature Festival in Hamburg on Sept. 19.

Oh, and before I hit SDCC, I’ll be floating around Thrillerfest, and I’ll be reading at Noir at the Bar at Shade Bar on Sunday, July 14. I will have at least one galley of The Warehouse to give away. Maybe two! Depends on my mood.

As for the rest, I’ll keep you in the loop, but I will definitely be out and about, signing books and eating burritos and doing crimes (don’t tell my publisher about that last one).

So… that’s it for now. If you want to pre-order, you can find a whole mess of links here. The audiobook is available for pre-order now, too! They let me listen to the narrators who’ll be handling the book and they sound great. I’m excited for that. And if you want to add it to your Goodreads shelf or review it, you can do that here.

Finally, in your extra-credit reading assignment: Amazon was just granted a patent to develop drones that will deliver packages and spy on you at the same time. So that’s fun.

Noir at the Bar (4).png

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