Reckoning with the promo machine

Hey so let’s see when was the last time I updated the blog holy shit it was March.

A lot has happened since then!

The Warehouse now has three starred trade reviews (a.k.a. a tri-force), from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal.  I did four days at the Javits Center for BEA and BookCon, where I appeared on the Author Buzz panel (video above!) and signed several hundred galleys. The Buzz authors talked to PW about the inspirations for our books, which was printed in the big glossy handout for attendees. The Warehouse got name-checked in publications like the LA TimesIt was also picked as a hot summer read by Publishers Weekly, CrimeReads, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today.

I’ve also locked in my London tour dates with my UK publisher (August 14, 15, and 16), I’m currently settling the US tour stuff, and might be going on a bigger European tour after that, and could be hitting one more convention before the book comes out…

That’s just the stuff I can tell you about! There’s all sorts of fun wonky things going on behind the scenes that bode well for the release (August 20th in case it is not in your calendar). Hell, I got a piece of fan mail from a reader! For a book that’s not coming out for more than two months!

So this is all nuts, and I feel like my social media feeds have been an endless stream of Warehouse promo, and I am trying to sneak in a bunch of other goofy shit, just to soften the blow. But be warned: if you are not down for the promo it is going to get way worse before it gets better!

Which also forces you (or in this case, me) to think about said promo. Obviously I took a break from blogging for a bit (not that I was doing it a ton but I really enjoyed the writing craft posts I was doing). I also tried to revive my newsletter and make that a thing and… it did not work. I think I just need to accept I’m not a newsletter guy. Even though a lot of authors I know seem to be having a great deal of success with them, and that’s great, it just feels like such a slog when I have to put one together. So I’ll probably save it for major announcements and stuff. So you can still sign up! With the added bonus of you will be getting less e-mails from me.

It reinforces something you hear people tell writers: you must have Twitter or you must have Facebook or you must have a newsletter. I don’t think you must have anything. A social media presence is good, but as an agent I know once said: 10,000 followers is not 10,000 sales. It helps with engagement, sure, and it can be a good way to build yourself a supportive community of writers and readers, but your career won’t go into a death spiral if you don’t have a Facebook account.

But it’s like anything else. Take what you like and throw out the rest. Want to do a newsletter? Cool. Don’t want to do a newsletter? Also cool. Whatever man. The work is all that matters in the end.

Anyway. I’m back. Expect more updates. You’re welcome. Or sorry. Take whichever applies. And I say this as much for myself as I do for other writers who might be feeling skittish about promoting themselves when it feels like the world is on fire…

Don’t feel bad. Just do it. Because it’s all good news and we could always use more of that, right?

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