WAREHOUSE invades your television + Italian cover, German publication

69705652_10219053267505269_5906834961314349056_nThe Warehouse train keeps on rolling. This week I was on TV twice! First on NY1, where I fulfilled a New Yorker bucket list item: getting interviewed by Pat Kiernan, who is just as nice in person as you would imagine. Then today I was on CBS This Morning talking to the fantastic Michelle Miller, and I was dreading both pieces because I hate watching myself—especially watching myself speak—by they came out pretty good!

There was also this great Associated Press piece that I saw in the Washington Post, that put me in the company of authors like Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie, which is just completely ridiculous, but ok. I did a deep-dive interview with Ryan Steck over at The Real Book Spy, which is a fantastic site that should be in your regular rotation if you’re looking for book recommendations.

69760006_10219068337482009_8468331432056455168_o (1)I also had a long talk yesterday with a journalist for la Repubblica in Italy, and I’m sort of amazed, because I thought a lot of  the problems I explored in the book were uniquely American. I guess not. Which is… both good for me and bad for the world? He also keyed into something that no one else has picked up on, and I won’t say what it is so I don’t spoil anything, but it does make me really excited to head out to Milan in *checks calendar* two weeks!

This is also a good time to share the Italian cover, from DeA Planeta. I like that other countries are using the US cover but tweaking it. I love the US cover because it has 2001-monolith vibes, and seeing other countries use the image, with some tweaking and different languages, makes it feel slightly more… iconic?

Finally… the book is out in Germany from Heyne Verlag! They changed it to Der Store, for a variety of reasons (including that “warehouse” in German is more like a department store). I will be in Munich and Hamburg in two weeks to help promote this gorgeous thing, which I’ve copied below. As much as I like how foreign publishers are using the US cover… it’s also really cool to see different takes. I love this.

So there we go. Enjoy your long weekend, everyone. Remember: the best ways to help authors is to tell your friends and family about the books you like, and to leave reviews on sites like Amazon. If you haven’t read The Warehouse, leave a review for someone else. You’ll brighten that author’s day. And don’t forget to wear sunblock.


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