Recent columns I wrote!

Here’s a thing I’m not good at: Updating my blog. I haven’t done much of note lately, but I do have some columns to share from LitReactor.

I asked whether Kickstarter is a viable tool for writers (the answer is: Yes, mostly). I asked if where a person lived could make them a better writer (the consensus seems to be: No). I wrote a slightly negative review of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy (and was called a ‘faggot’ in the very first comment). And we kicked off the August flash fiction competition with velociraptors. We’ve got some good entries, already.

Also, I’ve got a project coming up very soon that I’m going to be self-publishing. More on that soon!

‘Self-Publishing in the Digital Age’

I know we’re getting down to the wire with this, considering this kicks off, technically, in 20 minutes, but LitReactor is holding a very groovy class: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age with Joseph Nassise.

It’s funny–the digital publishing imprint for which I work has more than 300 books for sale, another 200 on the way, and no end in sight. And yet, I do not know a single thing about formatting and uploading an eBook. So I’m looking forward to actually figuring this out.

The plan is: I’m writing a novella, which I’d like to publish alongside the book I’m writing (for which I’m seeking a traditional publishing deal). Novellas are perfectly suited for self-publishing (as publishers aren’t enthusiastic about picking them up from new writers).

I have to finish the books, of course, but, you know, details.

So, anyway, if you’ve ever been interested in this kind of thing, check out the class. There are still a few seats left.