Good to go

You can now find The Last Safe Place: A Zombie Novella in the following online stores:

Here’s the synopsis:

It’s been two years since the outbreak of a plague that turned New Yorkers into flesh-eating corpses. The city’s population has dwindled to three hundred refugees on Governors Island, a park and former military outpost situated in Upper New York Bay, a few hundreds yards from Manhattan and Brooklyn. The survivors struggle with supply shortages and flaring tempers, but the monsters they call ‘rotters’ can’t swim. The island isn’t comfortable, but it’s safe. 

That sense of safety is shattered when Sarge, a former cop and the island’s head of security, comes face to decomposing face with a rotter while on an early-morning patrol. There’s no conceivable way for the creature to have gotten on the island. What’s worse is that its stone-like skin makes it much tougher to kill. 

Faced with the prospect of an evolving enemy, and desperate to find antibiotics for his dying wife, Sarge has to get into Manhattan, do some recon, forage for supplies, and get out—without drawing the attention of the millions of rotters that now roam the city.

Check it out. If you like it, I’d be much obliged if you could spread the word. Happy reading, folks.

C’mon, Barnes & Noble!

I’ll do a more official-type blog post about this soon, but… my eBook is available for sale through Amazon and Kobo! But not Barnes & Noble! I uploaded the novella on Monday night at 11 p.m., and by the time I woke up, it was live on Amazon. It went live on Kobo a short time later. Still waiting on Barnes & Noble.

I’m sure the execs at Barnes & Noble spend a lot of time complaining about how Amazon is a threat to them. There may be a reason for that…

Anyway. If you want to buy the book from Amazon or Kobo, go right ahead! Barnes & Noble will be up soon, I hope?

Also, it is exceedingly trippy to see something I wrote available for sale in an online retailer. Even trippier that people are buying it.

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble approved my account! Now I just have to wait another 72 hours for the book to be available for sale. Wait, WHAT?!

Adventures In Self-Publishing, Part 1: Why I’m Doing It, And Also Zombies

My new column at LitReactor just went live: Adventures In Self-Publishing, Part 1: Why I’m Doing It, And Also Zombies.

The gist: I took a break from the novel I’m writing and accidentally wrote a zombie novella. Since procuring a traditional publishing deal on a novella is essentially nil, I’m going to self-publish and see what happens. (Probable outcome: Become a billionaire).

Read the full column here…

‘Self-Publishing in the Digital Age’

I know we’re getting down to the wire with this, considering this kicks off, technically, in 20 minutes, but LitReactor is holding a very groovy class: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age with Joseph Nassise.

It’s funny–the digital publishing imprint for which I work has more than 300 books for sale, another 200 on the way, and no end in sight. And yet, I do not know a single thing about formatting and uploading an eBook. So I’m looking forward to actually figuring this out.

The plan is: I’m writing a novella, which I’d like to publish alongside the book I’m writing (for which I’m seeking a traditional publishing deal). Novellas are perfectly suited for self-publishing (as publishers aren’t enthusiastic about picking them up from new writers).

I have to finish the books, of course, but, you know, details.

So, anyway, if you’ve ever been interested in this kind of thing, check out the class. There are still a few seats left.