C’mon, Barnes & Noble!

I’ll do a more official-type blog post about this soon, but… my eBook is available for sale through Amazon and Kobo! But not Barnes & Noble! I uploaded the novella on Monday night at 11 p.m., and by the time I woke up, it was live on Amazon. It went live on Kobo a short time later. Still waiting on Barnes & Noble.

I’m sure the execs at Barnes & Noble spend a lot of time complaining about how Amazon is a threat to them. There may be a reason for that…

Anyway. If you want to buy the book from Amazon or Kobo, go right ahead! Barnes & Noble will be up soon, I hope?

Also, it is exceedingly trippy to see something I wrote available for sale in an online retailer. Even trippier that people are buying it.

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble approved my account! Now I just have to wait another 72 hours for the book to be available for sale. Wait, WHAT?!

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