Want to support arts education for kids and maybe win an early copy of THE PARADOX HOTEL?

Ok here’s the deal. I’m helping Broadway for Arts Education raise funds in anticipation of their Silent Disco on Saturday. I’ve been assigned a team (Team Tangerine!!!) and I want that team to kick ass.

Earlier today, on the social medias, I offered to send someone a signed copy of The Warehouse, plus some Warehouse swag if you donated to the campaign. Any amount and you were in the running.

But now I’m going to sweeten the pot. If you donate $25 or more, I will put you in the running for an advance copy of The Paradox Hotel!

It’s not coming out until February. I have no idea when I’m even getting the galleys. If I have to print it out and bind it myself, I will—either way, you’ll get it soon.

So, park your little cursor here so I can see your name on my page and give until it hurts.

What does this mean to people who already donated? Well, you’re still in the running for that copy of The Warehouse (or copies, who knows, maybe I’ll send out more than one). If you want to donate again to hit the $25 threshold, you’ll be in for Paradox, too.

And if $25 is too rich for your blood (I get it, pandemic), any amount still puts you in Warehouse running.

Why is this important? Because arts education is one of the first things to get cut when school budgets make it to the chopping block, and that’s an incredible disservice to… everything? Kids. Teachers. Our literal future. Take your pick. Art is an empathy machine. We piece ourselves together through other people’s stories. I will never not go to bat so that kids can learn stuff other than math and science (which, let’s all admit, is kinda useless—I have never once used calculus for anything—it’s all a scam perpetuated by the graphing calculator industry!).

There are a whole lot of kids out there who would benefit from targeted artistic education, and BAE is a great mechanism for that. So it’s a good way to help.

But winning free stuff is fun, too.

And hey, if you just want to boost the signal and spread the word, that’s cool, too. Let’s do something nice today.