THE WAREHOUSE is out in paperback! Plus other things…

Oh hey The Warehouse is out in paperback! With a snazzy new red cover!

So if you were looking for something a little less hefty to lug around, you’re in luck. It’s available in most places books are sold, wherever books are being sold these days.

And I swear this is not viral marketing, but the FAA just cleared Amazon’s drone fleet for delivering packages. So… I’m not going to say I was right, but I was pretty damn close.

Otherwise, it’s been a busy few months. Paradox Hotel is finished, and off to my agent and a couple of readers. The reactions so far have been a bit mixed, ranging from “you literally just sent it to me calm down” to “who are you again?”

Seriously, I’m excited to be at this point, where it’s out in the world and I can put it out of my head for a bit. I’m already laying track on what might be my next book, which is in the same “billionaires are monsters who will let the world burn as long as they get paid” genre.

There are some other exciting things to report! I’ve signed a deal with… oh wait can’t tell you about that. I’ve also signed for… geez, can’t tell you that either. Okay, so I do have an exciting project that… damn it can’t announce that for at least another month.

Okay so maybe this update is a little light on hard news, BUT there’ll be some very exciting stuff to share soon, in the meantime, go get that paperback!

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