Online writing class ‘The Big Idea’ starts next week…

So, yeah, this is starting next week! And I am very excited! I’ve been wanting to get into teaching for a while, and I was doing an in-person workshop right before the world caught fire, and it was quite a bit of fun, so until that resumes, I’m giving this a shot.

Now, yes, I have been the class director at LitReactor for years now so I guess it’s a little self-serving to design my own class there but oh well! Honestly I’ve been wanting to do a class craft forever and I always held off because I thought I wasn’t qualified. Right now I feel like I’m ready.

The gist of the class is how to take a big idea, hang it on a character, and then put together the kind of high concept book that’s going to make editors and agents sit up and take notice. I’m digging into my experience writing and selling The Warehouse, as well as working with James Patterson on Scott Free, and selling my next book, Paradox Hotel, on spec.

It’s going to be a fun class! Lectures, Q&A, homework assignments, and I’ll be critiquing students. Students will also be critiquing each other because I think that’s an important part of the process… it sharpens your knives in a different way.

Want to learn more about the class? Click here. Got any questions? Go hit that contact form, and I’ll answer ‘em. There are only a few seats left! Which is pretty cool. So if you want in, don’t wait…

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