‘The Woman from Prague’ in paperback and ‘Potter’s Field’ release party


The Woman from Prague is out in paperback today!

There are already copies at The Mysterious Bookshop, which I’ve signed, or you can click through to this page to find links to a variety of book-buying locations.

I loved writing Prague, and I was very happy with how people reacted to it: Publishers Weekly and The Boston Globe called it a hot read of the summer, plus PW gave it a starred review—my first. James Grady, author of one of my favorite spy/espionage thrillers of all time, Six Days of the Condor, gave it a very nice blurb. Booklist called it a “spy thriller in all the genre’s old-school glory.” That’s pretty cool.

And now you can get it in an edition that is slightly lighter and cheaper than the hardcover!

I’ve also set the release party for the fifth and final Ash McKenna book, Potter’s Field. It comes out July 10 but we’re doing an event for it at The Mysterious Bookshop on July 17. Alex Segura, author of the Pete Fernandez books, will be doing a Q&A with me. We’ll have hardcover copies of Potter’s Field AND paperbacks of The Woman from Prague, plus some of Alex’s books, and lots of other books because it’s a bookstore. And maybe cupcakes.

But definitely booze.

Here’s the link to the event on Facebook. If you still do Facebook, and wouldn’t mind hitting the RSVP button that, it would be a big help (so I know how many cupcakes to get). Otherwise—sign up for my newsletter to get at least one gentle reminder beforehand, but also book recommendations and links to craft essays and whatnot.

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