How to survive a writing conference

Left to right, Ed Kurtz (The Forty-Two), Hilary Davidson (Blood Always Tells), Todd Robinson (The Hard Bounce), Rob Hart (New Yorked).

I’ve got a new piece up at The Lineup, about how to survive a writing conference. Trust me, it ain’t easy. So much walking! So much drinking! It’s nuts.

Here’s the first tip, for free:


At my first Bouchercon, I went the whole first day without drinking any water. My hangover on day two persisted until the early evening. This year, I forgot to eat dinner one night. With the time difference and the heavy restaurant meals, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Remember, your body has already been hammered by travel (unless you’re lucky enough to be a local). Be smart. And pack some aspirin, just in case.

Click over to see the rest of the article, which is also free.

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