On Thursday I’m flying out to Long Beach for Bouchercon, the year’s biggest crime and mystery convention. Last year was my first, and it was a blast, even though it was in Albany, one of the worst cities in America.

(I can say that—I lived in Albany on and off when I was a political reporter. Albany in the winter makes the ice planet Hoth look like a fun and friendly place.)

Here’s a guide to at Bouchercon—what I’ll be doing, what Otto Penzler will be doing, and what our authors will be doing.

You know those book bags you get when you check into the conference? Some of them are going to include a Polis Books sampler, which has the first chapter of New Yorked. I’ll also have a handful of copies of The Last Safe Place: A Zombie Novella for sale—if you want one, let me know, or track me down at the conference.

Otherwise, I will be bouncing between panels and hanging out at the hotel bar, because, as we all know, that’s where the real business of these cons goes down.

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