Catchin’ up

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this blog will only ever feature collections of links to stuff I’m doing and haven’t had time to talk about otherwise. It’s cool. I have plans for original content soon. Maybe someday! Anyway…

The lastest episode of the LitReactor podcast is up. Shit gets real.

I stumbled across this blog where I am beaten to shit in the comments section over at article I wrote at LitReactor. It is great.

We’ve got a collection of very cool classes coming at LitReactor. Maybe check ’em out and sign up for one?

Also, we’ve kicked off our latest writing challenge at LitReactor: Teleport Us. Get in on the fun!

Here is an article from Mashable, about print vs. eBooks, in which I am quoted. Woo!

Over at Amazon, the sales page is up for an anthology I’ve got a story in. Somehow I was billed on the main sales page, and am next to Ken Bruen, one of my idols. I don’t even know what to say or do about this. When I first saw it I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time, in a joyful way. It hits in August. You will hear more about it between now and then.

My publishing house just re-released 12 novels from James M. Cain as eBooks. We don’t have the big three (Double Indemnity, Postman, Mildred Pierce), but we have pretty much everything else. Which, still, awesome.

Finally, the KDP window on my novella is up on Feb. 4, at which point I’ll make it available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo again. I’ll let y’all know when that happens.

More TK.


  1. authorlady22 says:

    Bahaha. I read through the comments and it was funny to see people get so angry about the publishing credits of the author of the article, rather than the points themselves. Responses being, basically, “You’re an idiot because my situation is different.” Well, duh! People are silly.

  2. robwhart says:

    Yea… and not to be a complete asshole about it, but I do run a successful publishing imprint. Which I think lends me a little bit of cred?

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