WAREHOUSE cover and preview

9781984823793.d_the_warehouseHot damn that’s handsome. I had no idea what to expect from Crown. I had a few ideas on how to visualize The Warehouse but in practice they all probably would have been garbage.

This, though—it’s so perfect, on so many levels, which you really won’t get until you read the book, which I guess is the point? But—considering it’s about a company that dominates the American online retail economy and builds live-work facilities for its employees… you can see how it’s a pretty good fit, right? Extra point for that monolith-in-2001 vibe.

It’s exciting to see actual, tangible evidence that this will indeed be a book (on August 20th!). And if that’s too long to wait, Entertainment Weekly has got you covered, with a small excerpt. This is the first half of the second chapter. I’m generally not a fan of the way partial chapters represent a bigger piece, but there’s something about this that feels pretty good—it gives you a sense of one of the three main characters and the journey he’s on, and it has a nice little button on the end.

I hope you dig it.

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