‘The Woman from Prague’ is here!


I probably should have posted this yesterday, considering that was the actual release date of the book, but hey, things got a little busy. But: The Woman from Prague is now officially available! A lot of fun stuff happened, so I’ll do a quick roundup:

  • We launched it at The Mysterious Bookshop last night. Author pal Alex Segura did an excellent job moderating.
  • The book is listed as temporarily unavailable at Amazon, because we already cleared through the first printing. The second printing should arrive any second. That’s nuts.
  • I wrote a piece for Criminal Element about pulp fiction in a modern context.
  • This is a little older but I wrote a piece for Crimespree about writing lessons I got from Krav Maga. Also Dan Malmon wrote a really nice review of the book.
  • I answered some questions for The Real Book Spy, which also reviewed the book.
  • I got tired of writing promotional posts (there are a bunch more on the way) so I crowd-sourced an interview for LitReactor—essentially, I asked people to pose questions on social media, and then I rounded them up an answered them. It was pretty fun.
  • LitHub called The Woman from Prague a must-read crime book for July.
  • I’ve got more tour events coming up. Staten Island tomorrow night, then Scottsdale, Portland, Houston, and Austin. More details here.
  • I offered a prize pack for people who pre-ordered the book. The winner is Brent McCarthy! Brent, I will be mailing some stuff to you shortly.

It’s been a good launch. I’m thrilled to have a book in hardcover. I’m extremely thrilled that people are responding to the book. Get it if you haven’t, or wait until I show up at a bookstore to buy it, and I will sign it for you, or give me your phone number and I will read excerpts to you (that last one is not true… maybe).

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