Join the street team for ‘The Woman from Prague’

WFPDo you want to read The Woman from Prague before anyone else? Then join the Ash McKenna street team!

Here’s how it works: Sign up at this link, tell me your preferred eBook format, and I’ll send you an advance reader copy.

(Sorry, print galleys are limited at this time—I can only accommodate people who’ve sold their soul to the electronic devil that is the eReader.)

Nothing in life is free, of course. This is mostly free but I’m going to ask a few things in return.

  • Add it on Goodreads and post an honest review when you’re done (if you have a Goodreads account).
  • Post an honest review of the book on Amazon the day of release (July 11).

That’s it! You might get some swag in the mail at some point too. We’ll see about that.

So, you down? Want to join? Get moving. Spots are limited. Click here.

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