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BookPeople is Austin, TX, is one of my favorite bookstores. In no small part because of their amazing crime and mystery section, MysteryPeople, run by Scott Montgomery. He posed a couple of questions to me for their blog. I was happy to oblige.

If you’re in or around Austin, you must go to this place.

Check that out here.

My short story from Thuglit, “How to Make the Perfect New York Bagel”, made honorable mention in this year’s Best American Mystery Stories edited by James Patterson. Scott Detrow read it for the Word Crimes podcast and did a stellar job.

Thanks for podcastmaster Erik Arneson for the invite.

Give that a listen here.


  1. Noreen Ayres says:

    Thank you, Rob Hart, for this. I googled you to get here. Googled because of the Crimespree piece you wrote — see there? I just liked it, is all. Just happened to open to that page. All your comments about not liking to be the center of attention, and then the ones about preparation, just hit me square on. I can FAKE confidence at gatherings or on a panel (long ago, when my books were current — don’t bother looking: they’re not), and in front of a class, but god, I’d rather just be the eager fly on the wall. Good for you, for writing that piece. Now a lot of us will “know” you, and I hope that translates to sales. — Thank you, too, for being an associate publisher at MysPress. (I love Otto & all he has done for the reading world, so I’m glad you’re there to help.) — Best wishes, and keep on churnin’.

    1. robwhart says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad to know the Crimespree piece brought you around. That was a fun one.

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