Roundup time

Two weeks out from the release of New Yorked, and things are chugging along nicely. Figured it was time to round some stuff up, for those who may have missed my incessant social media posts.

(And there’s a point to all this, as you’ll see at the end.)

First up, people have been asking about signed copies. You can order through The Mysterious Bookshop, and I will happily inscribe whatever you’d like. To do that, go here.

The Booked. podcast gave New Yorked some love—it’s a great show that features some really thoughtful, in-depth book talk. I like it a lot. Listen, then subscribe.

I wrote some guest posts, at Crimespree (on book promo), the Daily Beast (five books about NYC that I love), Criminal Element (page to screen on Death Wish), Chuck Wendig’s blog Terrible Minds (things I learned writing New Yorked), and Powell’s (disappearing New York City).

My hometown paper, the Staten Island Advance, ran a piece about the book (with a groovy photo gallery). There have also been some new reviews, over at Out of the Gutter and Pulp Fire.

Also—and this is too cool to not mention again—I had my first Barnes & Noble signing, and we sold out every copy of New Yorked they had. Woo!

This brings me to the point of all this—a new session of my LitReactor class, Sell Yourself, is starting July 14. In this fast-and-furious workshop, I run through the basics of marketing. All the stuff you actually need to know, with none of the bullshit filler people claim you need to know.

This will be the first session of the class I’ll be hosting after the launch of my book, so I’ll have a lot of exciting new things to add to the curriculum. Like, how I got some of the coverage I linked to in this post.

Check it out. It’s a fun class.

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