Noir at the Bar New Jersey!

Next month Jen Conley is hosting Noir at the Bar in New Jersey—and I’m on the bill to read! My track record with Noir at the Bar has been really bad lately. I was invited to read in Queens twice, and had to drop out both times (subway system collapse, sick baby).

And earlier this month, I was supposed to read in Manhattan, but forgot I was also supposed to be in Minneapolis at the same time. So I’m excited to break the streak of being very bad at planning things! Added bonus: I’ll have physical copies of New Yorked by then. So if you want to snag a copy, this is not a bad place to be.

Plus, there are some killer readers on this bill. This is worth going to New Jersey for, which I do not say lightly. Sunday, May 24th 6 to 9 PM Tumulty’s Pub New Brunswick, N.J. Here’s the Facebook RSVP page.

EDIT: The line-up has been changed (for the better) and there’s a new events page. Click the above link to head on over and RSVP.

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