Two new zombie-related entries at LitReactor

I’ve got two new columns up at LitReactor!

First is the third installment of my self-publishing column. I didn’t have much time to dedicate to marketing this month, so I’m using this as an opportunity for discussion–namely, on eBook pricing and reviews. Let me know what you think. The input so far has been terrific.

The second column is also zombie-related… we’re now doing television recaps! The Walking Dead seemed like a natural place to start, as it’s based on a comic book, and also incredibly stupid. And it turns out, the third season is starting off really strong. Check out my recap here, and head down to the comments to talk about it.

I’ve got some more stuff coming up soon that I’m excited about–a cool promotion for the novella and a short story I have coming out in a print anthology. More TK…

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