Awesome new review

Got a very nice review of the novella, from fellow zombie-writer Leah Rhyne. She’s the author of Zombie Days, Campfire Nights (Undead America), and is generally a pretty cool person, so I was thrilled to get featured over at her site.

Here’s an excerpt:

This book is something more than your standard zombie-fare, though, at least in my opinion. Stylistically, it’s almost…noir-ish. Noir-zombies? Sure! It follows a hardened cop, the people he protects, and his deathly-ill wife, all dark images and long-shot descriptions of the battered Manhattan skyline.

Zombie noir. Love it.

Check out the entire review here!

One thought on “Awesome new review

  1. I just found this post. Ha! Thanks for the mention, friend. Waiting for book 2!
    (And I am not cool, btw – I am actually a big dork! 🙂 )

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