San Diego Comic Con schedule, and daring to dream

829px-san_diego_comic-con_international_logo.svg_Guess who is going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year? A lot of famous and important people. And somehow also me!

This will be my first SDCC—ever—and I am terribly excited to be there promoting The Warehouse. We’ll be giving away galleys, along with those super cool custom lanyards my publisher made up.

I get in Thursday, and will mostly be floating around the floor, gawking at things like a goon (except for most of Friday when I am have a secret-mission drive to LA for *reasons*…) but here is where you can officially find me.


  • How Our Present Impacts Today’s Speculative Fiction, 5 to 6 PM, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Grand 12 & 13, with Blake Crouch (Recursion), Kali Wallace (Salvation Day), and Chuck Wendig (Wanderers)


  • Signing at Penguin Random House Booth, 4-4:45 PM, Booth 1515-B


  • Signing at Penguin Random House Booth, 10-10:45 AM, Booth 1515-B
  • I’ll Take Muggles for $500: A Fan Game Show, 2-3 PM, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Grand 10 & 11, other panelists to be announced

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WAREHOUSE news roundup: lists, events, spy drones

D9yKD4pWwAEp94e.jpgWe are less than *two months* from the release of The Warehouse, which means things are ramping up, which means I am living with low-level yet constant feelings of anxiety!

Warehouse made a few more round-up lists, which is always super exciting. The Bolo Books Summer APB (thanks to Kris at Bolo for the photo accompanying this, which he took at ALA!) and the Today Show’s books recommended for Father’s Day (even though it wasn’t available on Father’s Day), as well as PopSugar, the BBC, the Real Book Spy, and Read It Forward. Plus it made the top ten of Publishers Weekly’s fall announcements in Mystery/Thriller. That’s on top of being named a hot summer read by Publishers Weekly, CrimeReads, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today. So… things are going well.

Second: Touring! Lots of people have been asking me: when will I be hitting the circuit? And the short answer is… I don’t know! Here’s the thing: The book pubs at the end of August, which is not the best time to tour because it’s the tail-end of summer. But things get dicey going into September because I’m definitely going to Germany, and possibly a few other European countries, and I need to balance all this with being a not-terrible husband and father, so… this is currently about as complicated as planning a shuttle launch.

I can tell you that I’m doing a release party at The Mysterious Bookshop on Aug. 20, where I’ll be joined by Alex Segura, who’ll be shilling the last Pete Fernandez book Miami Midnight. On Aug. 21, I’ll be at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble. On Sept. 4, I’ll be at Politics & Prose in DC, in conversation with Six Days of the Condor author James Grady.

I’ll also be Bouchercon in October, and later this month I’m going to my first San Diego Comic Con (more TK on panels and signings), as well as a couple of regional library and book festivals. And I’m confirmed for the Harbour Front Literature Festival in Hamburg on Sept. 19.

Oh, and before I hit SDCC, I’ll be floating around Thrillerfest, and I’ll be reading at Noir at the Bar at Shade Bar on Sunday, July 14. I will have at least one galley of The Warehouse to give away. Maybe two! Depends on my mood.

As for the rest, I’ll keep you in the loop, but I will definitely be out and about, signing books and eating burritos and doing crimes (don’t tell my publisher about that last one).

So… that’s it for now. If you want to pre-order, you can find a whole mess of links here. The audiobook is available for pre-order now, too! They let me listen to the narrators who’ll be handling the book and they sound great. I’m excited for that. And if you want to add it to your Goodreads shelf or review it, you can do that here.

Finally, in your extra-credit reading assignment: Amazon was just granted a patent to develop drones that will deliver packages and spy on you at the same time. So that’s fun.

Noir at the Bar (4).png

Reckoning with the promo machine

Hey so let’s see when was the last time I updated the blog holy shit it was March.

A lot has happened since then!

The Warehouse now has three starred trade reviews (a.k.a. a tri-force), from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal.  I did four days at the Javits Center for BEA and BookCon, where I appeared on the Author Buzz panel (video above!) and signed several hundred galleys. The Buzz authors talked to PW about the inspirations for our books, which was printed in the big glossy handout for attendees. The Warehouse got name-checked in publications like the LA TimesIt was also picked as a hot summer read by Publishers Weekly, CrimeReads, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today.

I’ve also locked in my London tour dates with my UK publisher (August 14, 15, and 16), I’m currently settling the US tour stuff, and might be going on a bigger European tour after that, and could be hitting one more convention before the book comes out…

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Emerald City Comic Con

IMG_0958.jpgVery excited to kick off The Warehouse promo next week at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle.

Want to find me there? Want to get a copy of the galley? Want to get a job assignment at Cloud?

This is how you do it.


Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods to Tell YOUR Story

Time: 2:45 – 3:45 pm

Location: WSCC 603


SciFi Adrenaline Rush Panel

Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Location: WSCC 611

Sci Fi Adrenaline Rush signing

Time: 2:45 – 3:45 pm

Location: Tables 3 & 4


Booth signing

Time: 6:00 – 6:45 pm

Location: Penguin Random House Booth (#2215)

WAREHOUSE cover and preview

9781984823793.d_the_warehouseHot damn that’s handsome. I had no idea what to expect from Crown. I had a few ideas on how to visualize The Warehouse but in practice they all probably would have been garbage.

This, though—it’s so perfect, on so many levels, which you really won’t get until you read the book, which I guess is the point? But—considering it’s about a company that dominates the American online retail economy and builds live-work facilities for its employees… you can see how it’s a pretty good fit, right? Extra point for that monolith-in-2001 vibe.

It’s exciting to see actual, tangible evidence that this will indeed be a book (on August 20th!). And if that’s too long to wait, Entertainment Weekly has got you covered, with a small excerpt. This is the first half of the second chapter. I’m generally not a fan of the way partial chapters represent a bigger piece, but there’s something about this that feels pretty good—it gives you a sense of one of the three main characters and the journey he’s on, and it has a nice little button on the end.

I hope you dig it.

Want to win some #takeout on me?

Take-Out is here.

This is a funny collection. It started as a joke—haha food noir—that turned into a real thing and now it’s an actual book you can hold in your hands and read.

The stories in this collection represent some of my better short story work. Two made honorable mention in Best American Mystery Stories, and one made the final cut. One got nominated for a Derringer Award. One was accepted for publication the first time I read it to an audience, before I even left the microphone.

But it’s more than that, too. I’m a big believer in the way food unites us. Every culture has signature dishes and customs of hospitality. Every person has a favorite dish. Food is the thing that binds us across cultures and continents. And it’s a place where passions can collide—just like crime fiction.

To celebrate the release, I want to treat you to some take-out.

Specifically, three of you who will win $20 GrubHub gift cards.

How do you win? Simple. Help me boost the signal. Share this link on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. Tell your friends and family I’m nice. Take a selfie at your favorite restaurant. Use the banner at the bottom of this post if you feel like it. Whatever! Have fun. Just be sure to use the hashtag #takeout and tag me so I see it.

As long as you help me spread the word, you’re in it to win it. PLUS! Every social media post counts as an entry. Hit the Twitter-FB-Insta trifecta? That’s three entries. Twelve tweets? That’s twelve entries. What I’m saying is: the more you shill for me, the higher the chance I’ll end up buying you a burrito, or some Chinese food, or whatever the hell you decide to order…

Anyway, Friday at noon EST I’ll pick three winners (from the US only, and if you’re not in the range of GrubHub, we’ll figure something out).

And if you were thinking of coming out to the release party on Jan. 23 at The Mysterious Bookshop (where I’ll be appearing with Miraculum author Steph Post), you might find more chances to win…


Delivery of TAKE-OUT is imminent

Take-Out-CoverTake-Out, the food noir collection I have been threatening you with for years, hit stores in a week. As such, here are some things worth knowing:

Publishers Weekly liked it, saying that: “Hart’s first story collection offers 16 winning food-themed tales, three previously unpublished… The varied settings and story lines effectively showcase Hart’s versatility.”

It was listed as an anticipated book by sites like CrimeReads and Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Speaking of CrimeReads, I wrote a food tour of New York City’s crime world for them, which took quite a bit of research but was really fascinating. Check that out here.

On Jan. 23, I’ll be appearing alongside Steph Post at The Mysterious Bookshop at 6:30 p.m. Steph will be promoting her new book Miraculum, which I was lucky to get an early read on and it so damn good. We will have food and booze. If you haven’t bailed on Facebook yet, here’s where you can RSVP.