Noir at the Bar New Jersey!

11088338_10206802980423274_1305034100979205081_nNext month Jen Conley is hosting Noir at the Bar in New Jersey—and I’m on the bill to read!

My track record with Noir at the Bar has been really bad lately. I was invited to read in Queens twice, and had to drop out both times (subway system collapse, sick baby).

And earlier this month, I was supposed to read in Manhattan, but forgot I was also supposed to be in Minneapolis at the same time.

So I’m excited to break the streak of being very bad at planning things!

Added bonus: I’ll have physical copies of New Yorked by then. So if you want to snag a copy, this is not a bad place to be. Plus, there are some killer readers on this bill.

This is worth going to New Jersey for, which I do not say lightly.

Sunday, May 24th

6 to 9 PM

Tumulty’s Pub

New Brunswick, N.J.

Here’s the Facebook RSVP page.

NEW YORKED eBook now available for pre-order

The paperback edition of New Yorked has available for pre-order for a while. I’m excited to see the digital editions are now up, too. I’m a fan of eBooks! So if that’s your preference, harness the power of the atom and have at it.






And if you like to nerd out over weird science stuff like I do, check out this post I did for LitReactor a few years ago about how eBooks do add atomic weight to eReaders.

Party with me at The Mysterious Bookshop

bookstore 8

I know it’s a little early, but I’m excited, and it’s official, and now you can’t claim that you made other plans that night: The release party for New Yorked will be held at The Mysterious Bookshop on the day of the book’s release, June 9.

This is a place that’s near and dear to my heart. Not just because I’ve been a customer for years, and not just because it’s where my office is (down in the basement)—but because it’s the last crime and mystery specialty store in Manhattan. It’s an institution. And it’s an honor to have my first major book event there.

So come on down. You can respond to the Facebook event here, or just write it down on your calendar like a Luddite. June 9, 6:30 p.m., 58 Warren Street, Manhattan.

There will be booze. Maybe snacks, too. But definitely booze.

If you’re not able to attend but you want a signed copy of the book, order it from Mysterious—I’ll sign any copy sold by and delivered from the store.

New Thuglit!

410T2rhBvVLI’ve got a story in the latest issue of Thuglit! “Drone” is about two not-very-bright criminals who get the brilliant idea to run drugs by drone. So of course, they drop a kilo of cocaine somewhere over Manhattan. A kilo belonging to a drug dealer named T. Rex.

Won’t you check it out? Available as an eBook and a paperback.

This issue also contains “Alchemy and Atrophy” by Devon Robbins, a winner of LitReactor’s ARREST US! writing challenge.

AND this issue includes stories from folks like Erik Arneson, Bracken MacLeod, Ed Kurtz, and Eric Beetner. Talented gents, all of them.

So, you know, buy a few copies.