CITY OF ROSE Goodreads giveaway

The release of City of Rose, the follow-up to New Yorked, is fast approaching, so it’s time to ramp up the gears of war (which is a much cooler way of saying it’s time to do book promo).

Let’s start with Goodreads. I need more people to add it to their ‘to-read’ list. It’s a big help for discoverability. So, here’s what I propose:

Go to this link and click that button under the cover that says “Want to Read.”


That’s it. Just click it.

Come November 13—a week and a half from today—I’m going to go through the list of people who’ve added it to their to-read list, and I’m going to pull some names at random, and those people are going to win PRIZES.

What kind of prizes? Here’s what I’m giving away:

A galley copy of City of Rose.


A limited-edition New Yorked umbrella.


And a copy of The Last Safe Place: A Zombie Novella.


So, to recap: Add City of Rose on Goodreads, maybe win a prize.

Get clicking!

Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee THIS WEEKEND


Do you live in or around or even close to Milwaukee? Then you ought to come to Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee this weekend. I will be there!

This is my first time at the conference—and I’m thrilled to be one of the featured authors. Look at this lineup! As a debut author, I feel very lucky. Like I snuck into a party I’m technically not cool enough for.

You can visit the Mayhem website to get all the details, including times and locations. My panel is at 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, and all the panels are packed with awesome, fun people.

The event includes an auction to raise money for Erin Mitchell, who has a heart condition and is facing some some very expensive procedures to correct it. Given my daughter’s heart issues, this is a cause that’s close to me.

You can see all the items being auctioned off here. I’m donating a character name in the third Ash McKenna novel, South Village, as well as a book from my own collection—Assassin of Secrets by QR Markham. This book was discovered to be plagiarized, and recalled by the publisher. I have a copy that’s signed by the author.

There’ll be some bidding by proxy, but if that doesn’t work out or you can’t make the event, you can also donate to Erin right here, and I would encourage you to do so.

She’s a swell lady and this is a twisted country, that someone could be sick and then be told they can’t be helped unless they come forward with an unreasonable amount of money.

Sometimes it’s up to us.

Ash McKenna prize pack

11254656_10206888863513078_5732272211420770175_nUPDATE: Congrats to the winner, Barbara Vitale!

My mom is running a Breast Cancer Bowlathon fundraiser at Rab’s Country Lanes on Staten Island.

One of the raffles will be an Ash McKenna prize pack—a custom New Yorked umbrella, a bottle of Jameson, and a signed advance reading copy of City of Rose, which isn’t due out until February.

Maybe some other stuff too!

Tickets are $5 and you don’t need to be present when the raffle is drawn on Oct. 25. To purchase tickets call the bowling alley.

All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

It’s for a good cause! Enter early and often.



Available now: Occupied Earth, a science-fiction anthology edited by Gary Phillips and Richard Brewer. I’m incredibly proud to have a story in this: “How the Game is Played”, which is the first that I’ve tapped into my political background for a story.

The anthology is set 20 years after an alien race has occupied Earth. Humans and Mahk-Ra live alongside each other, but not always comfortably. There’s no question who’s in charge (spoiler alert: it’s not the humans).

There are a lot of killer stories in this collection, and even more exciting: It’s available from my regular publisher, Polis!

Want to learn more about the anthology? Want to find out where to get it? Click here.

CITY OF ROSE lending library


Galleys are in for City of Rose!

If you’re a book reviewer, get in contact with me, or download it  from Edelweiss.

I’ve only got six hard copies. A few are already in the wind. But I’m holding one aside for a lending library.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Contact me here. First ten people go on a list. I mail the book to the first person. That person reads it and mails it to the second person. Second person mails it to the third person, and so on and so forth, until the end. Last person mails it back to me.

In return, I kindly as that you consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads, but that’s not a requirement.

It’s a fun way for me to cover a little ground with an otherwise limited resource. I very shamelessly stole this idea from Stephen Elliott, who did it for his very excellent book The Adderall Diaries.

So if you’re interested, get cracking. I’m excited for this one to get out in the world.

Signing at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Are you going to the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday? Have you not yet acquired a copy of New Yorked? Then stop by the Mystery Writers of America table at 11:15 a.m. I will have books for sale and will also be signing them if you would like.

Where is the MWA table going to be? Good question. I have no idea and I pray that I am able to find it in time. The festival will be full of excitement and surprise.